Frey coupon codes and promotions are available to help you start your new detergent subscription at a reasonable cost. Coupons and discounts for Frey are relatively limited, which is expected as they are a new and growing brand. However, they do offer free trials, 10% off all first orders as well as 10% off for all customers who choose to sign up for a laundry plan.

Try Frey for Free

Frey is currently offering a 100% free trial. All you have to cover is $1 for shipping. The trial detergents can handle three loads of laundry and are Frey’s top rated fragrances.

Best Frey Coupon for November 2019

Shop Frey & save 10% off your first order. If you want to give Frey a go but aren’t ready to subscribe, you can still save 10% on your first order.

Frey Laundry Subscription Promotion

Sign up for a Frey Laundry Subscription & save 10% on every purchase. You can cancel at any time and select your own delivery schedule.

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